Fleurs De Cerisier Lacquered Large Wood Box

219 KD
Color: Blue

The savoir faire of lacquering wood is a thousand-year old tradition in Asia. In Vietnam, Lalique met exceptional craftsmen who keep this heritage alive. With amazing talent and expertise, they fashion these boxes, trays and frames in carved wood coated with fifteen layers of lacquer. A satin-finished crystal motif, produced in the Lalique Manufacture located in France, highlights each design. The encounter of these two know-hows - that of lacquer and that of crystal - gives birth to unique creations.The finely chiseled drawing of cherry blossoms evokes the world-famous and wondrous blossoming of Japanese cherry trees ("sakura"). Symbolizing the ephemeral character of beauty and life, it invites one to marvel at the present moment.

Fleurs De Cerisier Lacquered Wood Box

Clear crystal and wood

Size & Fit

Large size
Dimension= H 15.6 cm x D 12.6 cm

Large size
Dimension= H 15.6 cm x D 12.6 cm

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